Collective Athlete Activism


Traditionally, when an athlete protested for civil or political change, it was as an individual. Today, athletes have bound together as a team or even as a league to engage in political expression. The panel discussion was moderated by Fox News journalist and political analyst Juan Williams engaging four panelists: President of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Stan Kasten, Former Pro Softball Player, Kiki Stokes, CEO of LaChica Sports and Manger of the Players Coalition, and Penn State Professor, Dr. Amira Davis. The Rose Bowl Institute explores the topic of collective athlete activism as it relates to race and sports in contemporary society. Panelists explore the impetus for their activism, the pros and cons of collective activism on teams and leagues, and their impact on the broader society. Are these new realities appropriate expressions of solidarity for an athletic team or league? What impact can be expected? Are there undue pressures on athletes to conform to the new activism? How should league and team management participate or react?