PASADENA NOW (OCT. 6, 2020)- A PSA Campaign to encourage voting uses the voices of Brandi Chastain, Secretary Madeleine Albright, Ann Meyers Drysdale, and more.

The Rose Bowl Institute announced today the launch of a month-long campaign of public service announcements to encourage voting. U.S. voter turnout is one of the lowest in the world and some of the most common reasons people give for not voting is that they are too busy or don’t have all the information. The objective of the nonpartisan Voices for Voting campaign is to utilize recognizable names and supporters of the Institute’s mission to explain the importance of getting out to vote.

“Your vote is your voice,” says women’s soccer hero Brandi Chastain, “the only way to effect change is to use that voice. “

The Rose Bowl Institute, an arm of the Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation, champions sportsmanship and aims to “leverage the power of sports to unite people everywhere.” The Institute’s pillars are sportsmanship, leadership and citizenship. It brings sports values such as integrity, fair play, respect for the opponent and teamwork to the civic sphere, in this case by encouraging everyone of voting age, regardless of background, demographic, or political persuasion, to vote.

To achieve the goal of encouraging young people to vote, the Institute is engaging athletes and leaders to voice their encouragements. Among the speakers that are participating are former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, former CNN correspondent Jessica Yellin, actress and advocate Sophia Bush, NBC TV Los Angeles anchor Beverly White, basketball legend Ann Meyers Drysdale, and many other celebrity, athletic and businesses influencers.

The videos, which reside on the Rose Bowl Institute website, will also be available for broadcast or streaming on other media platforms. Click here to view the video.

”In a democratic republic, voting is the most basic right – and duty – of each and every citizen of voting age,” said Institute president Charlie Firestone. ”In sports terms, it’s showing up for the game, but so much more important to our daily lives. If we encourage just a few more people to vote, it will be worth the effort.”

Voices for Voting is partnering with various voting initiatives across the country, starting with #VoteCauseWeCan in Pasadena, CA. The city of Pasadena, home of the Rose Bowl Stadium is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the women’s right to vote during this election season, for more information please visit: for complete campaign details and more ways to participate on social media. Follow them on Twitter @PasadenaGov, and Instagram and Facebook @cityofpasadena to keep up with the campaign.

For more information about the Rose Bowl Institute Voices for Voting please email or visit