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Rose Table Dialogues

A Rose Table Dialogue is a two - session moderated roundtable dialogue of 20 - 25 diverse leaders and experts who address a specific issue involving sports values.


A Rose Table Dialogue is a two - session moderated roundtable dialogue of 20 - 25 diverse leaders and experts who address a specific issue involving sports values. The first 90 - minute session refines the issue. The second session uses the collective intelligence around the table to recommend solutions. Ideally those around the table represent the stakeholders involved in the issue so that they can act in their own ways as a result of the dialogue. They are also leaders who can speak or write about these issues to broader audiences.

October 17, 2023

Rose Table Dialogue on Sports and Innovation

The Rose Table Dialogue on Sports and Innovation will explore the use of technological and process innovations in sports, derive implications from the pace of innovation thus far, consider who is resisting these changes and why, and suggest how sports can welcome inevitable innovation while preserving the essence of the sport.

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Round Table

June 13, 2023


The Rose Bowl Institute convened its second annual Rose Table Dialogue among 15 sports journalists, editors, analysts, sportscasters, and executives in the Rose Bowl Stadium June 13, 2023. The discussion, which featured leaders such as Dan Fouts, pro football hall of famer and broadcaster, Cobi Jones, Soccer Hall of Famer and MLS commentator, Yogi Roth, Pack 12 College Football Analyst, ESPN College Basketball Analyst Sean Farnham, named as one of the most accomplished female sportscasters, Bonnie Bernstein, and Kris Budden, ESPN Reporter, also discussed ways that more attention could be spent on positive acts of sportsmanship in American media’s coverage of sports events. The dialogue concluded by brainstorming ways that sports media could help navigate polarizing times and use sportsmanship to unite fans, participants, and officials. 
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Meeting Table

March 21, 2023


Twenty five Coaches, CEOs, and business leaders from professional and college sports; CEOs and former CEOs came together to discuss how concepts of competition can impact sports and business. While all are based on competition, with the understanding that through hard-fought competition the best will win out, unfettered competition can be destructive and counterproductive. “Rollerball” showed the dark side of sports competition without rules, but examples arise in business (“Wall Street”, Enron) and politics (“The Candidate”, the January 6 Insurrection) as well.

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Football Player Thinking

November 15th, 2022

Mental Health in Athletes

Twenty to twenty-four leaders and experts gathered around the Rose Table at America’s Stadium to address issues of mental health of athletes and arrive at solutions applicable to professional, college and amateur sports. Participants identified the problems inherent in mental health issues with athletes such as reluctance to admit to problems, appearance of weakness or non-athleticism, lack of recognition by coaches and parents, and other ways that mental health issues play out in sports.

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Rose Table Discussion

June 14, 2022

Sportsmanship in Journalism

This Rose Table Dialogue engaged over 20 sportscasters and writers to address ways the public can see more acts of sportsmanship in coverage of games and other aspects of the sport. How do sports journalists and game-casters bring these heroic and generous acts into their coverage? What else can they do to advance these positive values in sports while being true to their professions?

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Dick Vermeil

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