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Sports & Innovation

Sports is often a petri dish for advances in technology, in new thinking, and in other areas of innovation. How can innovation improve performance and safer participation in sports?


Like all other aspects of American society, data and new technologies will continue to impact sports at all levels. From enhancing and evaluating performance to designing new equipment, technological and practical innovations will change sports forever. The Rose Bowl Institute will address ways that these advances can aid in the practice and appreciation of sports. 

It’s easy to celebrate the glories of sporting success, but equally important to understand team dynamics in winning and losing, and the greater role that innovations in sports can also play in our national culture and global community.

Rose Table Dialogue

OCTOBER 17, 2023


The Rose Table Dialogue on Sports and Innovation will explore the use of technological and process innovations in sports, derive implications from the pace of innovation thus far, consider who is resisting these changes and why, and suggest how sports can welcome inevitable innovation while preserving the essence of the sport.

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Group at the Robo Rally


Robo Rally

The Annual Robo Rally Competition is the culmination of the hard work the students have done throughout the year in their respective robotics classes. This event is designed to be exciting and challenging for students but also fun and entertaining for spectators. 

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Group Photo, Rose Bowl Stadium

If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it.